Onboarding Patient Care

Hospice Referral Process

Get Started

At La Diferencia Hospice, we make it as easy as possible to get started with care. Anyone—patient, family member, caregiver, or doctor—can make the initial call. For more information contact La Diferencia Hospice at (210) 395-3395.

gonzaba hospice physician consulting with patient

Step 01


Doctor makes hospice referral: Patient’s attending physician or specialist sends a referral order for the patient to hospice care.

Step 2


Patient’s referring physician and the hospice physician determines that the patient has six months or less to live if the illness runs its normal course.

hospice physician checking heart rate
hospice physician reviewing chart

step 3


Patient/caregiver sign a statement choosing hospice care instead of other Medicare-covered benefits that treat the illness.

Step 4


La Diferencia Hospice determines the level of care the patient requires in close coordination with the medical team.

caregiver nurturing hospice patient