What is hospice care?

Dealing with a serious illness is stressful. Our hospice care is here to help patients and their families focus on living. We take care of the rest. 

Como Familia

Like Family

about us

At La Diferencia Hospice, we provide innovative, end of life care that focuses on living. We work closely with the patient’s medical team and family to make their final days as comfortable as possible. Our team becomes part of the patient’s family and supports them every step of the way. We serve with compassion and integrity with a focus on treating you like family – “Como familia.”

Our History

For over 60 years, Gonzaba Medical Group has pioneered the healthcare model in our community. Our commitment is to provide quality healthcare for our patients in an environment where they feel heard and supported like family, “Como familia.” La Diferencia Hospice is part of this experience and provides end of life care for our patients with close coordination with our Gonzaba Medical team.
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Why Choose La Diferencia Hospice?

“The beauty with La Diferencia is we work so well and so close with Gonzaba Medical Group. We collaborate with patient care and we communicate freely and often about the best comprehensive coordinated care for the patient, and the family.”

Our services

what we offer

Our hospice care team, made up of skilled professional and trained volunteers, provides expert medical care to keep patients comfortable and able to best enjoy time with loved ones.
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Routine Home Care

Provided within the patient’s place of residence to help reduce suffering for the patient and family.

Providing hospice care for elderly

Respite Care

Provides temporary relief to caregivers of terminally-ill loved ones.

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Continuous Care

Continuous hospice care is provided at the patient’s residence during a short-term, temporary crisis that requires skilled nursing.

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Inpatient Care

Inpatient care can be provided to manage acute or chronic symptoms that cannot be managed in other settings.

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What is hospice?

Hospice focuses on providing physical comfort and emotional support so that life can be lived as fully as possible… 

Who Qualifies?

If you are coping with the pressures of a serious or potentially terminal illness, you don’t have to go through it alone…

how to pay

Understand the affordability of hospice and the options available to you when paying for your loved one’s hospice care.


At La Diferencia Hospice we are here to help guide you through the hospice process.

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