Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be in hospice?

Anyone of any age whose life is limited by an illness can receive hospice care. Hospice offers compassionate care and comfort to people at the end of life with education and support to family members. It brings hope to help people live life as fully as possible, offers dignity when there is not a cure, and surrounds families with love at one of life’s most challenging times.

What services does hospice provide?

At La Diferencia Hospice, we provide the following services:

  • Routine Home Care: Care is provided in the patient’s home.
  • Respite Care: Short-term support that is provided to give caregivers a rest period.
  • Continuous Care – In-home care for acute issues provided by a skilled nurse or medical provider.
  • Inpatient Care – Acute interventions or pain management that is provided in an inpatient setting with the goal of returning patient to home care.

How do I start the process to receive hospice care?

The first step in receiving hospice care is to request a referral from hospice from you doctor. Once we receive your request, we will work closely with the physician to determine if the patient has six months to live or less if the illness runs its normal course.

When is it time for hospice?

When medical treatments are no longer effective, care becomes focused on comfort and symptom relief. Generally, someone enters hospice when the physician believes life expectancy to be 6 months or less.

Will I need to change my home for special services?

Hospice care can be given wherever you live. When your loved one is considering end-of-life care, the ability to spend time at home provides exceptional comfort.

Everyone’s concerns are unique and care may address nursing, emotional health, spiritual needs. La Diferencia Hospice staff is on call 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide assistance. We provide services, based on patient and medical needs, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

What if my condition improves?

Hospice care continues as long as the patient meets hospice admission criteria.

Does hospice care continue after death?

In addition to providing services to the patient, hospice care helps all family members and caregivers. Hospice offers grief support counseling before and after a loved one’s death.

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